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Quality Pediatric Dentistry at Southland Children's Dentistry

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Here at Southland Children’s Dentistry, we proudly provide quality dental care to Albany and Valdosta, Georgia. We are committed to providing the best dental care for your child. Our team is here to help in every step of the way and create a comfortable experience. Our goal is always to provide specialized and anxiety-free care for the children in our care.

How Can Southland Children’s Dentistry Help?

Our doctors and staff have a philosophy of providing quality dental care and are committed to helping educate children about their dental health. We are located in Albany and Valdosta, Georgia and find great value in serving our community. Each member of our staff cares for every child we treat. We pride ourselves on treating each patient like a member of our own family.

Dental Procedures Provided at Southland Children’s Dentistry

Our doctors have invested the time, resources, and energy into advanced training and education in order to offer a wide range of services for our valued patients. Some of the services that we provide are:

Dental Crowns

Crowns are made from different types of material. Early in dentistry, they were made from metals like stainless steel. Here at Southland Children’s Dentistry, we use porcelain crowns. The reason that we recommend porcelain is because of its strength and cosmetic appeal. Porcelain provides a better color match than other materials. It is also better for those who have metal allergies…LEARN MORE

Dental Sealants

Sealants provide protection for your child’s teeth by keeping plaque from forming in the tiny crevices of the chewing surfaces. Our team often recommends sealants for children because kids’ teeth have small depressions in them that make them harder to properly clean through brushing alone. Sealants coat these small indentations, forming a protective layer against plaque and decay…LEARN MORE

Digital X-Rays

Dental X-rays enable dentists to see decay inside teeth that would not be visible to the naked eye. This allows us to act earlier against cavities, which is much better for the teeth. However, X-rays do expose patients to radiation, which is why you always wear a lead apron when the images are being taken. Thanks to advances in technology, there is now a safer way to take these images…LEARN MORE

Fluoride Treatments

We know that cavity prevention is a never-ending quest. Fortunately, there are many tools we use here at Southland Children’s Dentistry to help fight tooth decay. The obvious ones include brushing, flossing, and regular checkups. Another great way to fight cavities is the application of topical fluoride treatments…LEARN MORE


A gingivectomy is a procedure to remove a portion of the gum tissue from around a tooth or teeth. It may be performed to heal the effects of periodontal disease or to correct overgrown gingiva. It is one of a few procedures that can help reverse periodontal issues. A similar procedure is gingivoplasty, which only partially removes a section of gum tissue rather than the entire section…LEARN MORE

Lingual Frenectomy

You’ve probably heard of the term “tongue-tied.” Did you know that this common expression comes from an actual medical condition that can inhibit speech? The tongue is attached (or tied) to the base of the mouth by a thin tissue web called the lingual frenum. For some people, the frenum is unusually thick or tight, restricting tongue movement and, therefore, speech. It can also negatively affect nursing in infants…LEARN MORE

Mercury Safe And Mercury Free

For over a century, the most common material for dental fillings was silver amalgam, with more than 100 million Americans getting silver amalgam fillings. One would hope that something so common (and which is still used by 47 percent of dentists) would be completely safe. Unfortunately, these fillings contain about 50 percent mercury, and there is no known safe level of mercury exposure. Amalgam fillings have actually been banned in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Denmark because of their proven toxic effects…LEARN MORE

Teeth Whitening

We have a simple and effective solution for teeth whitening that you can take with you…LEARN MORE

Tooth-Colored Fillings

Dr. Fields and Dr. Sellers recommend porcelain tooth-colored fillings because they result in a stronger tooth and higher aesthetic value…LEARN MORE

Tooth Extractions

Expressions such as “like getting teeth pulled” show what society at large believes about the dental extraction process, but that unpleasant mental image is a very outdated one. A modern dental practice such as Southland Children’s Dentistry has all the right tools to ensure that your extraction will be as comfortable as possible. It usually takes less than an hour, and with a local anesthetic and IV sedation, if necessary, the tooth can be painlessly removed…LEARN MORE

Vital Pulp Therapy / Pulpotomy

The goal of vital pulp therapy (also called pulpotomy) is to save healthy dental pulp in the root of a tooth that has decay in the crown. In this procedure, Dr. Fields and Dr. Sellers remove diseased pulp from the crown of the tooth and fills the crown with medicated material to preserve the healthy pulp tissue in the roots. Vital pulp therapy is only recommended when there is no swelling or abscess around the tooth and it is not loose. It may also be recommended for an injured baby tooth to save it from early extraction…LEARN MORE

If you live in or near Albany and Valdosta, Georgia, please consider becoming part of our dental family. We are enthusiastic about helping your child with their oral health needs. You can give us a call or send us a quick email to set up a free consultation.